Lots of Coffee and Fun to Make Great Stuff

Lots of Coffee and Fun to Make Great Stuff

Making the World a betterplace(.org)

A young German entrepreneur stopped talking about changing the world and actually began to make an impact instead


Anna Peggion: My Spotlight of the Backstage

Forging ties with some of the greatest international fashion icons of our time, Italian beauty expert Anna Peggion speaks of the art of modelling… and growing up


EXKI - The Profits From Healthy Fast Food

How a small Belgian start-up has found a unique niche in the competitive fast food market?


Be Brave, Be a Woman at the Top

The number of female executives of large European firms remains stubbornly small, accounting for only 13.7%. Germany ranks slightly above average with 15.6%, but it falls well behind Finland (27.1%) and France (22.3%), where quota legislations were introduced a year ago. Yet the positive results of quotas have not converted everyone. Dr Dorothee Ritz, a successful female executive who sits on the board of Microsoft Germany, opposes the legislation. In an interview with The Beginner, she explains why and suggests alternatives that she believes are more appropriate.


Survival of the SME

Surviving the Eurozone crisis – a CEO’s perspective The role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as the backbone of the European economy and their contribution to growth and jobs remain crucial in 2012.


Public-private university partnerships

The impact of the British higher education on the rest of the world does not need an introduction. Yet, investment is needed to preserve the reputation that Oxbridge built 900 years ago and to respond to high international demand. INTO’s chairman Andrew Colin, saw an opportunity in bringing the private sector into major public institutions to service international students in the UK’s higher education.


Investing in Tomorrow

Pierfrancesco Vacca talks of the young, the old, the era of globalisation and his passion for his job at NIKE