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DAD, the Digital Art Device, is a platform dedicated to the presentation of digital and video art

The company was founded by Carlos Cardenas and his collaborator Vincent Justin. Carlos is an independent curator and art advisor from the US, and until recently he was the director of Galerie Almine Rech, Paris. Prior to this, he ran his own gallery before working for Daniel Templon and Xippas. Vincent Justin is French and has worked as a successful entrepreneur over the last 15 years. His previous managed venture, Muzeo, which he recently resold, was the European leader in on-trend hospitality and employed a team of 40.

The two guys met through a network of mutual friends. Their relationship is more of a professional one and has been built on their shared interest in art. "Since the beginning, Vincent had been following my curatorial projects and our conversations have always been orientated around questions regarding the display of artworks and the future of display – particularly regarding video art", Carlos explains.

"We were conscious from the beginning that a product like the Digital Art Device wasn't available on the market even though the technology was available to make it happen. I noticed that a product was needed to meet the needs of the kind of art collectors I was used to working with as a private art advisor and as a gallerist. The market for video art is a bourgeoning one and we were interested in how a platform like ours could simplify the process of buying and displaying video and digital art", Carlos says.

"Lots of coffee (or in my case, maté) and taking rest when it is required"

What is DAD?

"DAD is a platform dedicated to the presentation of digital and video art. We propose two standalone hardware products: a DAD dedicated screen and the DAD drive. Purchasing one of either will afford access to exceptional video and digital artworks, available to buy or rent via a subscription service. We also provide a collection management system for collectors of video art. The DAD fully integrated art-screen is a beautifully conceived 42inch flat screen, ready to install in your home, with an easy-to-use app, accessible across all wireless devices. The DAD Drive offers the same high quality service but to those who already have a dedicated art screen in their homes. The DAD Drive links up to all of your existing screens or projectors, giving you access to our curated content. Both products have been designed by Japanese designer Daï Sugasawa", Carlos explains.

The founders are also publishing a book co-written with French art critic Marie Maertens. The book is again the first of its kind and will be a definitive guide to collecting video art. It is called Collect Digital Video Art – 2015, 2016 edition, and it is built around a series of conversations with industry experts: artists, independent curators, art critics, gallerists, museum curators and directors of video art archives.

Where to meet DAD?

September 2015:

Book and exhibition launch at the Brownstone Foundation, Paris. The exhibition will be curated by DAD and XPO Gallery, Paris

 At the "now!" section of Maison & Objets, Paris (4-8th September)

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