Set High Goals and Do Your Best to Reach Them

Hem is aiming to build a company of tomorrow today by providing quality to the customer in every step of the way

The US design e-commerce company closed its services for EU customers, but Europeans need not worry - here is Hem. Sascha Weiler, Executive Vice President of Hem, explains that “Hem is a natural continuation of Fab”, with a focus on home design. Hence the name; Hem means home in Swedish. This new focus results from the realization that the home segment is a fast growing area in Europe. The switch to the European market appears to be an advantage to Hem, according to Weiler. “We are able to leverage the uniqueness of all the different countries in which we have offices. This makes us a much stronger company since we can leverage and learn from all the different cultures”, the Vice President says.

What further separates Hem from Fab is its full stack approach. “We own everything from designing the product to setting it up in the customers’ home”, elaborates Weiler. By this, Hem aims to gain a much better control of the customer experience and deliver only the highest quality in all areas, from the website to the delivery and setup, all the way to the final products themselves.

“We made sure to create a very light weight and visual experience for the customer"

The future of buying furniture is online

Weiler tells us that at Hem they believe “that in the future more furniture and home products will be bought online than offline. This is a trend that already manifested itself in other industries and is coming to the home category as well with big leaps. We are looking forward to this change and are already building the company of tomorrow, today.” For this reason, Hem invests a lot of effort into creating the best possible online experience. “We made sure to create a very light weight and visual experience for the customer, /…/ for us the products are front and center and we think that with the website we achieved the goal of letting the products tell the story about Hem”, says Weiler. And how does the path from design to final product look like?

“It all starts with an idea”

The process of making the pieces, sold on Hem, entails many careful steps. The first one is choosing the product and deciding whether it will be designed by Hem’s internal design team, or distributed to potential outside designers. After going through multiple iterations in order to find the right design, Hem’s R&D team steps in. The developers make sure that all the product’s aspects and technicalities are as easy as possible for the customer. From there on, the design is picked up by the sourcing team; they bring in the samples by collaborating with different producers. Quality is crucial and only when it is assured that everything fits Hem’s standards, from the materials used to the packaging, orders are placed with producers. The products are then brought to the warehouse, waiting to be quickly shipped out to costumers once an order is placed.

And even the most confusing orders get successfully solved at Hem. Weiler recalls an amusing story of how one of their marketing campaigns prompted somebody to search for ‘Custom Fish’. “We are still not sure, what he was actually looking for, but he ended up buying an amazing black Bento table with 4 Bento chairs.”

Hem’s strategies for success

The creators of Hem are dedicated to build a business on which they can be proud of for many years to come. Setting seemingly unreachable goals lies at the heart of their strategy, right from the beginning. “When we launched Hem we gave ourselves 100 days to launch. And we made it. We had to make a lot of prioritization decisions, we had to cut some features but in the end Hem was out in the world after 100 days and since then we are able to bring pleasure into many homes.”

“Learn from the data and act on it, but at the same time leave enough room for inspiration and creativity”

Set high goals and do everything you can to achieve them, is what Weiler advises fellow entrepreneurs as well.

But you can only do so by being strong on both the creative and the analytical end. Weiler emphasizes the importance to “learn from the data and act on it, but at the same time leave enough room for inspiration and creativity”. Hem’s team is thus comprised of great analytical, as well as creative minds, and their learning from each other allows for transforming everyday challenges into fruitful experiences. Thus, it’s no wonder that people at Hem strive on challenges, as they believe that every solved one means another step in the right direction. “We hope that the challenges will keep coming for a long time, so that we can keep on learning and finding new ways to make it easier for the customer.”

Learning about Hem’s passion for satisfying their customers, reaching their big goals, and tackling new challenges with immense positivity, makes it easy to understand why they see themselves as the first true online home company.

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