The Cisco DNA

Cisco is a company with history, a keen take on current developments and will likely play an essential part in the future of innovation and communication technology

Nearly three decades ago in the Golden State, California, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner founded Cisco Systems, a company that would revolutionise routing technology. Today Cisco is a global corporation, with more than 75.000 employees and an annual turnover of about 46 billion dollars. One of Cisco’s European representatives is Achim Kaspar, General Manager Cisco Austria.

Mr Kaspar’s way to become a part of the helix that is Cisco’s DNA was a diverse one. After finishing his business studies he joined a Trainee programme, made it into E-Wirtschaft (electricity and power networks), infrastructure and telecommunication. Owing to the latter he stepped into the world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and took on his role as Austria’s head of Cisco in 2008. “What you want and what you get are usually two different things. It is a lucky chance when they coincide.” For Mr Kaspar they did and he didn’t hesitate to take on this challenge and prove himself in the environment of a globally leading company.

“What you want and what you get are usually two different things. It is a lucky chance when they coincide.”

What Cisco offers the world is networking equipment and solutions, a constantly improving interconnection between people as well as a way to quickly and efficiently store and access digital data. On top of that Cisco has a unique quality of team spirit amongst its employees. „I have seen many companies but this ’shared DNA’ – whether you are talking to an employee or CEO in New Zealand, South Africa or San Jose – is unique.“ Cisco is a company that bases its success on a unified global direction and individual emphasis on local markets.

First and foremost Cisco is a B2B company with a broad product range that can be scaled up or down to suit major corporations just as well as small businesses. “Our videoconference product Telepresence is available with huge screens – you think you are inside the USS Enterprise – scaled down to a phone screen you can just as well use it in the private sector.” – Luxurious equipment to help find solutions for every customer’s individual needs.

Cisco is a venture in which “innovation happens”. A huge amount of the yearly revenue is reinvested into research and development, and ongoing acquisitions ensure the continuous growth of the company as a whole. Only a few weeks ago Cisco acquired the Vienna based cloud service Solve Direct. Other plans for the future are generally to stay ahead of the rapidly changing market and customer needs. Things like a PC world changing into a tablet world, or children sharing videos with their friends, are key developments that start in the private sector but will inevitably influence the business world.

“It is a masterplan, an overall work of art, fine tuned every year to make sure we are all speaking the same language and are able to present the latest innovations to our customers.”

IT has become a core agent of productivity, whether in agriculture and forestry, the health care system or a logistic production chain. “Today IT is like the air we breathe” and to ensure future generations affinity with the subject Cisco founded the Networking Academy, a project in cooperation with schools, that provides them with latest innovations to pass on to pupils and the primary aim to convey “a notion of reality” to them that blows the dust off of obsolete curriculums as well as creating a promising future employee base.

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