Kick-starting the Boomerang

XVIDA throws its Boomerang, will it come back around? The first ever all in one iPad mount and stand

Not too long ago Apple introduced the first iPad to the market and when the results of the initial glimpses were presented, it was clearly a huge success and so a new market for iPad accessories came into existence. Amidst the enormous range of covers, attachments, stands, and similar knickknacks there was no single accessory that could combine all of it, or at least this was the case until along came the Boomerang.

Uros Cadez, founder and CEO of XVIDA, has worked in the computer graphics and design industry for most of his life, but he knew that he wanted to do something new, something different, something bigger.

“There are so many things we think of in our lives but a lot of the time we don’t act on it. So this time I simply decided I want to follow this idea through”

With the support of friends and family, he founded XVIDA in May 2011 and started working on the first ever all-in-one iPad stand and mount.

“I realized I had all of the social components that I needed to do the whole thing. Friends are the only people who are willing to put in their time and tell you to take the risk.”

Despite Cadez’s own enthusiasm and a strong motivational network, the challenges for the endeavour were huge right from the beginning, both technically and organisationally. Engineers had to be found, prototypes had to be built, functionality, style and sturdiness assessed, and, of course, money had to be raised. For the first six months Cadez and his team worked on designs and prototypes, but remained unsure as to whether they would eventually find a feasible solution. When they did and the Boomerang was introduced on Kickstarter it only took five days for it to bring in $12,000 – money now spoke for the product.

XVIDA has three permanent employees and currently handles most of its operations in and from Slovenia, but outsources a significant amount of its work as well. Over the last half year, XVIDA has worked with about 70 subcontractors from different sectors of expertise and is planning on opening an office based in California within the next couple of weeks.

“Fifty percent of the entire world’s iPad owners are in the US, so it’s a very important market for us,” explains Cadez.

Understanding where the target audience is does not however mean the company is limiting itself. The Boomerang will be available internationally and can be combined with several different mounts and a table stand that accommodates a wireless Mac keyboard.

To promote the Boomerang, XVIDA has secured itself a booth at the next international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where it will preview the product to the general public and retailers alike in order to establish it in their minds and on the market. The Boomerang will cost around €50.00 (£40.00) on XVIDA’s online shop, which will be launched shortly, and those who provided financial backing for the smart accessory on Kickstarter will be able to pick a reward straight off of the production line.

With regards to the future, Cadez and his team are planning on further developing their product range and reaching out to the Android market.

“A lot of people have been asking for the Boomerang for iPad mini, but we don’t only want to focus on the Apple market. We want to develop more mounts and different versions of Boomerang. So basically expand our business in the tablet computer accessories market.”

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28 Dec, 2012 KK
Many similar inventions need funding. They can be found on websites similar the the KS. We are tired of these iphone and ipad's accessories.
from France
29 Nov, 2012 from France
I found many great stories here. tnx guys!
29 Nov, 2012 Robert
Very good invention, especially the little ring that allows to put the ipad on the window.