Lots of Coffee and Fun to Make Great Stuff

Lots of Coffee and Fun to Make Great Stuff

Want to Join a Startup?

Trending companies are always looking to hire great talent.


Lots of Coffee and Fun to Make Great Stuff

DAD, the Digital Art Device, is a platform dedicated to the presentation of digital and video art


Strofilia: The Nation’s Revolutionary Gem of Greek Gastronomy and Culture

Perfectly situated in a 17th century converted warehouse, this family-run business played a pivotal role in transforming people’s perceptions of Greek cuisine in the heart of Europe


Set High Goals and Do Your Best to Reach Them

Hem is aiming to build a company of tomorrow today by providing quality to the customer in every step of the way


How to Find Your Hidden Creative Genius

There is a interesting story about how Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish artist, developed the ability to produce remarkable work in just minutes


Auctionata: Real-Time Online Auctions in HD

All the Services of a Classic Art and Auction House Exclusively over the Internet


Bringing Transparency to Businesses in the Foreign Exchange Market

Philippe Gelis, Kantox CEO, talks about how an idea became a fintech sensation, handling transactions totalling $250 M a year and boasting more than 500 clients