A New Way to Explore and Analyze the World's Media

A New Way to Explore and Analyze the World's Media

Measuring the Social Media Force: A New Revolution

When the social media revolution first dawned on the business world following the networking boom of websites such as Myspace and Facebook, companies were faced with the challenge of scraping through thick layers of ‘data dirt’ to make sense of whatever industry potential lay beneath. They quickly recognised the impact the revolution was having on their businesses, but no one was quite aware of the importance of being able to measure it.


From blog to business – the photographic passion of Mãe 360°

Her passion for photography started to develop early on in her life. After several years abroad developing her skills and learning with many diverse people the art of photography, Mariana Sabido came back to her hometown Lagos, Portugal, and started her own business as a professional photo-shooter.


Business at 21: Daniela Perez Talks of University, Her Cosmetics Company and Her Soaps

Transforming two tables in a shopping mall into a chic, vintage-style selling spot in the heart of Finland’s busiest retail centre is no children’s game, let alone launching your own private label with your bare hands - 21 year old Daniela Perez started her business from scratch, collaborating with chemists in Israel to bring a scent of her home country to a growing cosmetics shop in Helsinki.


DJ FUMO: From High School DJ to International Turntablist

He sang along to the tunes of Luciano Pavarotti at three-years-old and was shaking the streets of downtown Tokyo to the sound of his irresistible beat by the age of sixteen