A New Way to Explore and Analyze the World's Media

A New Way to Explore and Analyze the World's Media

Furniture with a Squeeze of Toothpaste

A one-armed toothpaste robot, that writes chairs into existence


Do You Like It? Flattr It

Linus Olsson and Peter Sunde are the co-founders of Flattr, the most innovative way to support what you like just by a click


Helping Brands to Become "Social"

Tigerlily is the platform that follows brands step-by-step to optimise their Facebook campaigns


Quiet Zone - Please Keep Talking

Coming up with a way to keep talking even in situations that do not favour chatter


Ma'am Step Away from Your E-mail

Jared Goralnick, CEO of AwayFind, offers people the solution to escape from email interruptions


"Collecting Money has Never Been So Easy"

In founding WePay, Bill Clerico and Rich Aberman have given small companies an easy way to collect money online


In An Emergency: Entrepreneurship Saves Lives

“From taking initiative under pressure, to responding to market needs, Trinity brings its dynamic business model to the frontlines of a disaster zone”