A New Way to Explore and Analyze the World's Media

A New Way to Explore and Analyze the World's Media

Telling the Time Has Never Been So Easy... Even for the Blind

Hyungsoo Kim, Founder and CEO of Eone, is not just another entrepreneur. He is a visionary and he has a great story to tell.


From Casual Roommates to Business Partners Who Are Reinventing the Biking Experience

The story behind Helios, the start-up that created handlebars with integrated LED, Bluetooth, and GPS tracking


The Box Office at Your Fingertips

TicketForEvent is a tool that gives organizers the opportunity to promote their events and make online ticket sales


Hidden: When the Product Speaks for Itself

Vitor Santa Maria and John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen are the exponents of an intuitive design that brings innovation with simplicity in people's lives


The Solution is at 10,000ft

10,000ft is a collaborative management tool to democratize business decisions and promote team autonomy and collaboration


The Dream Factory in Your Head

Remee is a sleeping mask that uses light signals to help you take control over your dreams


The Light Field Equation

How transparency and flexibility will take image sensors to the next evolutionary stage