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Fashion blogger Seema Kukadia talks about her passion for blogging and social media

I’ve had a deep interest for fashion ever since starting my first textiles class. I thoroughly enjoyed designing, creating and observing new styles and trends. Therefore when I went into university and got to experience all these great new opportunities, such as interning at DKNY and Jenny Packham it inspired me to share my stories via a blog to help others grasp the world of fashion.

I knew I didn't want to just make a style blog but more of a blog that represented fashion as a whole from: beauty, styling, and events. I personally like fashion because it's a form of art, but it also has a huge business drive behind it and it’s great to be able to put creativity and logic into one idea.

I recently returned back from spending 6 months in New York, where I got to attend New York Fashion Week, The Reward Style Party, and work at DKNY in their public relations department. In which I gained the amazing opportunity of working alongside Cara Delevingne! I am now working in Mayfair, London in the public relations department for a British designer called Jenny Packham; she dresses many famous powerful women such as The Duchess of Cambridge, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift & Blake Lively.

"I personally like fashion because it's a form of art, but it also has a huge business drive behind it and it’s great to be able to put creativity and logic into one idea."

My day-to-day life in regards to work consists of styling celebrities, running social media accounts, pulling looks for editorials, liaising with publications and planning events. Outside of work I love to take inspirational content for my Instagram page and attend events for my blog such as talks by industry experts, fashion shows, beauty classes.

Also I always try and travel to a new country each and every year, This summer I will be travelling to Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, which I am super excited about sharing my experiences on my blog. I believe it’s such a beautiful thing being able to express yourself through a blog; it can help other people gain insights into new things alongside developing as a person.

When I look back to my first post, I realise now how far I have come, attending one of the best fashion schools in London (London College of Fashion) to spending half a year living in New York. It makes you appreciate all the hard work you have done and look forward to what the future holds. I think blogging is great for self-expression but it’s always going to be hard to find yourself in a world where we get so heavily influences by pop culture.

The biggest challenge bloggers face is that we live in the world that is persistent on making everyone the same. That’s why I enjoy reading blogs who inspire you to be different with their individuality and creativity. I learnt that beauty begins the moment you decide to be true to yourself. It has influences me to appreciate my uniqueness and share it with the world in the hopes of inspiring others.

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jack james
12 Jun, 2015 jack james
My younger sister is crazy for fashion and these days she was going to London and I would like to recommend to explore the fashion schools in London to satisfy herself. I would like to join her after my antelope canyon tours from los angeles.
14 May, 2015 Kiki
Such a nice read for anyone interested in studying and working with fashion!
Lovely pictures as well.
14 May, 2015 Carla
Recent days fashion blogging has became a lucrative business. It's good that this girl keeps on developing herself and started a job.