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Unique new mobile app shares the best of your football frenzy with the world’s greatest fans

Differently to other football-related apps, Fanzpic skips the stats and scores of the championships and focuses on fan-generated content, offering an innovative mobile platform where fans can share pictures, videos and events in support of their chosen club. As a true interactive app, users sign up via their team to create their personal profile, and “communities” of competing fans are formed – each with their own content and dedicated fan base. In addition to this, fans can follow other fans to share material and join forces with like-minded supporters, and just like any social media platform, they can like and/or comment on shared content on a team’s page. There is also an option to log in via Facebook and a Facebook page to complement the app.

Fanzpic adds a touch of friendly competition by inviting fans to support their team’s matches through its “events” page. In the run-up and throughout the duration of a match, the two competing teams can share pictures and videos of the event to celebrate their support and show followers and other users that their team has the best and most dedicated fans.

“It’s all about how fans celebrate their victory, or express their support – from now on they will have their own mobile platform to share unique emotions.”

The app distinguishes itself from other similar services by creating a singular, one-platform home for all football fanatics to share their favourite match moments and experiences, competing against other fans and taking their game to a whole new level. Previously, football lovers used a number of social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to name a few – to share content, thoughts and opinions relating to their teams and to the football scene in general. Fanzpic will now provide a hub for all of this and more, allowing content to be shared amongst a community of passionate and fun-loving followers.

Fanzpic is being launched by a group of dedicated football enthusiasts who are passionate about technology and are excited about the prospect of uniting like-minded users to a friendly and animated fan hub.

They added: “We are building the home for all football fans around the world and we have worked hard to get Fanzpic to you as soon as possible. More teams and many new features are coming to the iOS app and we will start working on the Android application as well.

“It’s all about how fans celebrate their victory, or express their support – from now on they will have their own mobile platform to share unique emotions.”

Download Fanzpic for FREE on the App Store.

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erdi manutd
17 Jun, 2015 erdi manutd
Quoting Kartir:
the new design is much better
well done

16 Jun, 2015 Kartir
the new design is much better
well done
01 Mar, 2015 MARIOREAL
I love fanzpic, it's a must have.
12 Feb, 2015 ManUtdBr7
11 Feb, 2015 fantozzz
downloaded!!! It's super cool!!!