Never get stuck waiting to pay the tab again

The Dash app makes paying tabs in restaurants and bars fast and convenient

Back in 2011, on New Years' day to be exact, Jeff McGregor and Gennady Spirin found themselves in a frustrating situation, familiar to many. After enjoying a meal at a small café in Manhattan, they were stuck for twenty minutes waiting to pay their bill. But instead of simply getting annoyed and having their meal ruined, the two co-founders of Dash sought out the solution for this inconvenience. From that point on, they have put all their efforts into creating a simpler way to pay restaurant and bar tabs and in November 2013 the Dash app became publicly available.

Find the venue, pay when you’re ready, split the bill

Dash app allows users to locate cool venues nearby, and most importantly, pay the tab with their smart phones the moment they are ready, thus eliminating the hassle of looking for the waiter and waiting to get the bill. It also has the feature of splitting the bill, which makes the process of paying more convenient for the waiters as well.

Rapid growth raises new challenges

The Dash story reached its first big milestone in July 2013. They raised $700 000 in seed funding from angel investors, which was used for the full launching of the app, and for further development of the team and product. By now, they have almost tripled their starting funds by raising an additional $1.2 million in February 2014.

"It’s sort of an oxymoron that performing well leads to more challenges, but when there’s a lot of usage, you’re forced to face and fix problems really quickly. The stakes are much higher."

The existing network of New York City venues, which use Dash platform for payment expanded for more than fifty in NYC and more than twenty in Chicago. Transaction rate for the most popular venues is more than 100 per day. Both the transactional volume and user network averages a 200% month over month growth year-to-date.

With fast growth, there are constant new challenges arising. In Jeff McGregor’s own words, “It’s sort of an oxymoron that performing well leads to more challenges, but when there’s a lot of usage, you’re forced to face and fix problems really quickly. The stakes are much higher.”

Jeff finds that the best way to tackle challenges and deal with the ‘lows’ that any startup inadvertently faces is to have the ‘don’t give up’ mantra “ingrained deep into your subconscious”. He emphasizes that “relentless optimism is the most important quality a founder can have, /…/ it’s incredibly important to always find the silver lining and stay positive every day. Your team needs that more than anything.”

Supportive, yet competitive work environment

The Dash team in New York City has grown to fifteen full time employees, and through their shared passion for work they are creating a motivating, fun environment. Because working at Dash is never mundane, the team takes up daily tasks with extreme excitement, may it be acquiring new restaurants, developing market launches, or testing new products. The team gets along with one another really well outside of the office too. Jeff tells us they’re continuously “heading out to Dash venues around the city for lots of eating, drinking, and various antics. The friendships developed outside of the office contribute to a culture where everyone is really supportive, but also competitive.”

Jeff illustrates his team’s dynamics with an interesting anecdote. On one of the company’s annual summer retreats, the Dash team was participating in a paintball game in an ad hoc medieval castle, but as the paintball teams were divided unevenly, Jeff was asked to join the other team and play against his co-workers. “Having ten of your co-workers literally hunt you out in a castle is a pretty overwhelming experience. Some of the members on team Dash seemed to enjoy it a bit too much…”

Jeff rounds up the Dash story’s overall message beautifully: “I absolutely love what I’m doing. I believe in the vision, and I have the best team in place to accomplish our goals. Of course there’s endless stress and constant highs and lows, but that comes with the territory and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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23 Oct, 2014 Mauricio
guys I love your app