Create Video Stories Together and Take the World with You Everywhere

ClipMe is a new way for people to create and share memorable moments together while apart

“Hey Dad, I will be calling at 18:00 today. Could you please tell mom and Ron to stay by the phone?” Less than 2 decades ago, this use to be our story each time we leave our cities or countries. Technology has changed the way we stay in touch and will only get better, isn’t it? Another future is here – ClipMe.

The team at ClipMe mainly consists of people who didn’t just want to stay in touch with friends and family while far away but create things with them. The result – an application that enable people to collaboratively create 15 seconds video stories that can be shared instantly on ClipMe, and also to Facebook and Twitter.

To make sure ClipMe meets the expectations people have from a Finnish brand, ClipMe was beta-tested in selected test countries including Canada, The Netherlands, Finland and New Zealand. The feedback and contribution from folks from these regions has been impressive.

So how does the app work?

Simply start by recording a clip, invite your friends or fans to do the same and watch them get merged into a 15-second story. Video stories can be kept private or shared with the world. Individual video clips can be supplemented with subtitles that are displayed along the owner’s avatar as the video plays.

"ClipMe is a powerful app and there is a lot going on behind the seen when the app is in use. It was quite a challenge to put everything in right place to keep the app great looking yet simple to use" said Sami Nikkinen, Co-founder and Head of Design at ClipMe.

Team ClipMe - based in Helsinki, Finland - is very international consisting of people from 4 different countries aims to make the application a daily major tool of expression for millennials. And for brands, there is probably no other powerful engagement tool out there for crowdsourcing content from fans. Only time will tell.

It’s been a roller coaster 6 months of development and testing and the team cannot be more delighted to make this available to every iOS device owner from any part of the world. ClipMe can be downloaded from the App Store on iPhone and iPad. In the upcoming months, ClipMe will be developed for other operating systems as well.

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17 Feb, 2014 Fabian
let me check it and I'll share my thoughts :)