Ma'am Step Away from Your E-mail

Jared Goralnick, CEO of AwayFind, offers people the solution to escape from email interruptions

How many people check their email every minute, especially if they are waiting for an important answer or an urgent work message? How much does this distract attention from other activities?

Jared Goralnick’s awareness of this hassle lead him to create AwayFind.

“Having run a productivity training business for 8 years, I saw that our clients wanted to be proactive and more effective...but couldn't close their inboxes for fear of missing something. I wanted to build a tool that helped them to confidently close their inboxes”, he explains.

"AwayFind generates a ranked list of the 25 people you reply to the fastest, and sends you an updated list every month"

Goralnick succeeded and in 2010 he sold his business and focused primarily on his start-up, which offers a solution for those who receive a lot of email and are looking for the confidence to get away from it or those who often receive very time-sensitive emails, such as realtors, lawyers, salespeople, executives, and reporters.

AwayFind notifies users of time sensitive emails via a mobile alert. The most effective use of the product comes when users turn off the email application’s notifications on their desktop and mobile phone, relying on AwayFind to alert them of anything that demands attention now.

In the sector, this company challenges Apple’s iPhone VIP mail settings, but there are some differences between Priority Inbox and VIP.

“AwayFind generates a ranked list of the 25 people you reply to the fastest, and sends you an updated list every month. VIP offers no guidance, which makes setup difficult and the likeliness of missing an email very high VIP only notifies you when a message arrives from a specific email address, rather than a domain or a name. For instance, VIP cannot alert you when you receive an email from ‘’ or ‘Friedman’ – it can only alert you when an exact email match is found”.

Other perks include the possibility of alerts based on e-mail subjects. Keywords or phrases like ‘urgent’, ‘ASAP’ or ‘important’ can be flagged, as can relevant news, such as a server being down or other problems that require attention. Other things, however, may be important today but not critical until tomorrow, which is why AwayFind allows users to set an expiration alert that will trigger an alarm on a mobile in due course.

“Add to this [that] if you don’t use Apple Mail as your mail client, you can’t do anything with VIP in other email applications”, adds Goralnick.

AwayFind supports all e-mail clients. It has is tightly integrated with Gmail as part of the Google Apps Marketplace and because Gmail is a popular resource for e-mail, everyone – with an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet – can access the app. Another advantage? Even without a smartphone, AwayFind can SMS or even call you when a critical email arrives.

Since the audience of these services is varied, as is the frequency of use, Goralnick and his team are constantly working on diversified versions that will reflect the needs of the customer. This includes accommodating business users and providing different finance options that reflect how often people need to access the services.

For example, without a credit card, the curious can try AwayFind Pro for 30 days. After that, users can either upgrade to a €4.99 or €14.99 per month plan, or they can also continue with the free plan, which includes 10 free alerts per month. In a highly competitive market challenges can be overcome through the use of innovative strategies, advantageous costs and more powerful services than those of the competitors.

For AwayFind the future plans take this into account as they aim to continue improving their marketing strategy, product design, ability to interface with users and working with investors, all of which can lead AwayFind to become, as its founder hopes, “smarter and easier to use, betting on the fact that - being a business tool more than a personal tool - it might be provisioned and managed across entire organisations”.

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21 Dec, 2012 Leah
Hi Kristen, I started using it when I bought my iPhone 5 and it is a good feature. Reading the text now seems that awayfind has produced something similar to the Apple's VIP, but has also added some additional options. The questions here is "how much does it cost"?
19 Dec, 2012 Kristen
How many of you are using iPhone's VIP inbox??